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Decorating Ideas for Spring

 Bright, naturally lit living room featuring a grey sofa with yellow accent pillows, blankets, and accent chair.

Celebrate the change of season

While winter décor focuses on channeling coziness, spring’s vibe is all about welcoming back longer days and more temperate weather. And that means it’s time to pack away the faux fur throws and chunky cable knits. Ready to start adding some spring fever to your home? Check out the following 10 ways to say goodbye to winter. 

Update Your Front Porch

A spring-flowered wreath and a colorful, weather-resistant rug are perfect for welcoming in the season. Tie them together with cheery throw pillows on a bench or rocker. For a finishing touch, add hanging plants once temps stay balmy. 

Change the Vibe On Your Mantel

Freshen up the top of your mantel with seasonal artwork and faux greenery, like a topiary or two. If your fireplace is in a sunny location, add interest to the hearth with potted ferns. 

Dress Up Rooms With Pops Color

A vase of flowers or a brightly colored throw blanket is an easy way to chase the winter blues away in a living room or bedroom.

Add Cloches

Displaying spring-themed items under a cloche, such as bunny figurines or a faux bird’s nest filled with faux eggs, elevates their importance and makes them more of a focal point. 

Swap Accent Pillows

Store away winter-textured wool in lieu of pillows in botanical prints or cottons in springtime hues. 

Swap Out Linens

Switch your bed sheets from flannels to cotton or silk and bath towels from heavier materials to less bulky, quick-drying styles. 

Fill a Room With Fragrance

When temps are still a little too cool for opening the windows, energize a space with light, airy candles in spring-scented florals, citrus or vanilla.

Refresh Your Wall Art

Give a room a makeover with new framed photos or prints. You don’t need to break the bank; take a look at what’s already hanging on your walls, and then swap pieces between rooms. Or, purchase an inexpensive print online and use it in an existing frame.

Incorporate a Pouf

A cushion-like pouf in a seasonal color, print or material (think a natural fiber, like seagrass or jute) is another opportunity to weave a springtime aesthetic into a room without a lot of work. 

Rethink Your Drapery

If you really want to get into the swing of spring, consider swapping out heavier drapes for lighter-weight fabric.

Neutral colored front porch decorated with greenery and pink flowers. Chase the winter blues away with spring flowers.
A mantel decorated with bright flowers. Showcase the change of season on a sunny mantel.
Living room with neutral colored furniture decorated with bright pink accent pillows and flowers. Use bright shades of pink to liven up a room.
Cloches holding eggs sitting on a table. Turn common items into works of art, under a cloche.
Spring themed accent pillow on a couch. Lighten up a space with botanical accents.
Bed with bright turquoise and pink bedding. Cool things down at night with cotton fabrics.
Coffee table topped with a vase of flowers and candles. Light citrus-scented candles to freshen the air.
 Living room featuring pink floral wall art. Switch up art between rooms for a quick makeover.
Living room with a pink pouf. Add accessories in spring colors.

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